Breakfast at Mugabe

The white man was God in Rhodesia. Black voices were not permitted to rail.

Producing theater in New York is an expensive proposition. Our budget to present Breakfast With Mugabe Off-Broadway is $200,000.  To achieve this, we’ve brought in nearly $75,000 in tax-deductible donations. Our goal is to raise an additional $15,000. Our remaining income will come from ticket sales, which we have priced modestly to allow as many people as possible to see this play. I would be deeply grateful if you would make a tax deductible contribution and support our effort financially.

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Fraser’s dramatic telling of the intertwined tragedies of Robert Mugabe, the once promising leader, and his country, Zimbabwe, formerly considered the “bread basket of Africa,” puts into clear focus questions that are very much of our time. In an evocative way that is uniquely theatrical, he tells a story that is both particular and universal, and leads us to a nuanced understanding of the awesome responsibility that is power.

There’s a lot of theater in New York. However, Breakfast With Mugabe is different.

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Ezra Barnes