Breakfast with Mugabe the play

Now the rest of the government are terrified too. Perfect for election time. This paranoia is quite a master stroke of his.

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“…TRENCHANT, MAGNIFICENTLY ACTED… In Mr. Grace’s capable hands, Mugabe rightfully deserves a seat alongside Macbeth, Richard III and other tragic, power-siphoning Shakespearean antiheroes ...Michael Rogers, whose performance builds from slow burn to full-on conflagration.”


4starts Breakfast With Mugabe CRITIC'S PICK

"Fraser Grace’s taut meditation on guilt and excellent cast...directed with forceful simplicity by David Shookhoff... tough-minded and unsentimental, gazing squarely at the postcolonial puzzle of modern-day Africa."

- TimeOut NY

"Rogers hauntingly captures Africa's longest-serving president, a man who need not raise his voice to keep those around him walking on eggshells. When he does raise his voice, however, as in a scene set at a ZANU-PF political rally, the effect is truly terrifying."


Ayende…elegant...doesn't break a sweat. …Sweet!... A drama well worth a trip to the theater...stylistically modern...encourages reflection and dialogue”




"Grace has created an imaginative and complex piece of theater which plunges the audience into one man’s sick and guilty conscience. …Michael Rogers brings intensity, vulnerability and well-placed humor to his portrayal of Mugabe. …Che Ayende….nearly steals the show"

- OffOffonline

"chilling and commanding...
Scrupulously acted by a strong ensemble ...tense, gripping"

NY 1 On Stage

“Electrifying four-person cast sizzles and explodes with emotions...Michael Rogers..expertly plays a Mugabe both terrified and terrifying.”

NY Magazine

“Breakfast with Mugabe, a thought-provoking, powerful drama at The Lion Theatre...Fraser Grace has forged an impressive story that, ...successfully presents a sizeable swath of issues that crystallize the major racial, economic, and political conflicts in the African nation.  He slowly builds the emotion and forcefulness of the show to a powerful and painful conclusion.”

Stu on Broadway

"an intense 100 minutes……Breakfast with Mugabe offers food for thought...Michael Rogers is powerful and commanding as Mugabe...Ezra Barnes is magnificent as the earnest Dr. Peric”

The Daily Beast

:  "compelling and worthwhile"
"part political analysis of post-colonial Africa and part thriller"
" excellent cast"


"compelling and entertaining drama... culminates in a disturbing and powerful ending that does justice to the history it’s based on."

- Stage Buddy

"David Shookhoff's nuanced direction... President Mugabe (played deftly by Michael Rogers ...the play is an example of historical (or ahistorical) theater at its best: it thrives without the necessity of the historical context it's placed in..."

Curtain Up

“ epic-sized performance by Michael Rogers as Mugabe…The play invites comparisons with the Kevin Macdonald film “The Last King of Scotland”...The play is tight... Grace makes every minute count ...Rogers is both terrifying and hilarious as Mugabe.”



VIDEO OF: Michael Rogers On Why Fans of Political Theater Need to See the Eye-Opening Breakfast with Mugabe -



FINAL ANALYSIS and BREAKFAST WITH MUGABE Launch Kickstarter Campaigns; to Begin at Signature Center, 8/7

Off-Broadway's FINAL ANALYSIS and BREAKFAST WITH MUGABE Exceed Fundraising Goals on Kickstarter

BWW Interviews: Ezra Barnes, Master of Challenges



Positively Black: Michael Rogers, Ezra Barnes, and Rosalyn Coleman: "Breakfast with Mugabe" Tracie Strahan speaks with the cast of the Off-Broadway play, "Breakfast with Mugabe," including Michael Rogers, Ezra Barnes, and Rosalyn Coleman. The fictional play focuses on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and the struggle that Zimbabwe has with modern ideas and ancient beliefs. "Breakfast with Mugabe" is playing now through October 6th at The Pershing Square Signature Center.


WNYC-AM The World interview with actor Michael Rogers.



Breakfast Wth Mugabe

Ezra Barnes as Andrew Peric
photo courtesy of Joseph Henry Ritter


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Breakfast With Mugabe

Ezra Barnes (Andrew Peric)
& Michael Rogers (Mugabe)

Breakfast With Mugabe

Michael Rogers (Mugabe)

Breakfast With Mugabe

Che Ayende (Gabriel)
& Ezra Barnes (Andrew Peric)

Breakfast With Mugabe

Rosalyn Coleman (Grace)