Breakfast with Mugabe the play

The place is set, food is served from the kitchen, all for a person no one can see but Robert. We are his prisoners. And if a person does not appease ngozi, he will see you to the grave.


Fraser Grace’s thriller is inspired by newspaper reports that Robert
Mugabe, severely depressed, and convinced he was haunted by the ghost
of a dead comrade, was treated by a white psychiatrist. It premiered at
the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Other Place in 2005. Directed by Sir Anthony Sher, the production transferred to the West End in 2006. It has gripped audiences in subsequent productions at Bath’s Theater Royal, Pittsburgh’s Quantum Theater and New Jersey’s Centenary Stage Company. Now, New York theatergoers will be able to experience a play that The Times of London called “riveting.”



Breakfast at Mugabe the play in New York

Michael Rogers as Robert Mugabe
photo courtesy of Joseph Henry Ritter